Baking of eight stages

 1.LIGHT roast:Roasting degree; A shallow baking, also known as shallow baking. The degree of roast, all the most shallow baking stage, giving a hint of cinnamon coffee beans, its taste and aroma are deficient, this state can hardly drinkable. General use on the test, rarely used to taste.

2.CINNAMON Roast:Roasting degree; The shallow baking, also known as cinnamon baking. General roast, cinnamon on appearance, smelly blue is in addition to, aroma, strong acidity, bake for American coffee often USES a degree.

3.MEDIUM Roast:Roasting degree; In the medium high, also known as micro baking. Medium baking temperature and shallow baking belong to the American, in addition to sour, bitter also appeared, taste good. Fragrance, moderate acidity, alcohol degrees, often used for mixing of coffee roasting.

4.HIGH Roast:Roasting degree; Moderate micro deep baking, baking and concentration. Belongs to the moderate micro deep baking, baking in a micro degree is a bit strong, the surface has been a little thick dark brown, bitter also is better. Coffee taste sour bitter, aroma and flavor is beautiful, the most common for Japan, central Europe.(blue mountain coffee)

5.CITY Roast:Roasting degree; Depth in the roasting, also known as city of baking. The degree of roast, the most standard, bitter and sour balance, commonly used in French coffee.(Brazil, Colombia)

6.FULL-CITY Roast:Roasting degree; Slightly darker roasts, also known as baking deep city. Dark roast in a strong, the color becomes quite deep, strong bitter taste is sour, belong to central South American baking method, very suitable for modulation of iced coffee.

7.French Roast:Roasting degree; Darker roasts, also known as French bakery. Is also called the French or European bakery, belong to the dark, black color shows strong ribbon, acidity has not feeling, especially in France is the most popular in Europe, because of fat which penetrated to the surface, with a unique flavor, very suitable for coffee au lait, Vienna coffee.

8.Italian Roast:Roasting degree; Very dark, also known as Italian roast. And chengyi type baking, roasting degrees before carbonization, anxious burnt flavour, mainly in Latin countries, suitable for a quick coffee and gino kapoor. Most used in series of Espresso coffee roaster .

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