Coffee grounds to purify the polluted water

 Coffee grounds to purify the polluted water

     A cup of coffee in the morning its rich aroma is very suitable for refreshment. But after drinking coffee after the rest of the coffee grounds in addition to the online teaching can eliminate the unusual smell and fertilizer, researchers now have also been used to purify the polluted water.

Coffee contains fatty acids, cellulose, and the chemical material such as polyphenols, they can be like activated carbon and heavy metals, and then the coffee powder from the water filter, can get clean water

     For the convenience of storage and use, the researchers add sugar into the coffee grounds and coffee silicone, make coffee grounds as pieces of sponge block material. Coffee clinker was thrown into the water, the sugar is dissolved, the coffee grounds will disperse, combined with the metal ions in the water

    Coffee grounds can remove the water of heavy metal ions such as lead and mercury. The experimental results show that, in the stillness of the water, every 200 milligrams of coffee grounds can remove the water in the 30 hours time 99% of lead and mercury. In flowing water or metal ion content more than twenty-one over one billion of the water, coffee grounds can remove 50% to 60% of the lead ions. The purification efficiency and most commercial filter efficiency


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