Why few African are not drinking coffee?

 There is one thing I am very curious, coffee originated in Africa, but in many parts of Africa, especially in small towns and villages, rarely drink coffee.But went to Uganda - the coffee-rich hometown, basic can answer this question.

In Uganda, near the Kenyan border Budadiri of pali town village, here have a lot of coffee farms.Among them, the coffee farmers Jaja Kate has hundreds of thousands of coffee tree, from September to December each year is the season of harvest, coffee I followed him in the coffee farm busy picking the red beans, at first glance, these squashy beans like little cherry, color is very attractive.

Jaja Kate is very talkative, live also very happy, he carried the children while picking beans, and singing, they are a large family with these coffee tree is like the relationship between the relatives, every day around the coffee tree, knew all about the growth of each tree.

Listen to Jaja Kate says, cultivation of excellent coffee trees are very strict conditions: sunshine, rainfall, soil, climate, etc., will affect the quality of the coffee.Sunshine is the coffee tree growth and essential elements of the result, but the strong sunlight will also affect the quality, so, this time you need the banana trees around, mango trees help keep out sunshine, can come to rizhao natural balance adjustment.

Coffee Roaster originated in Africa Ethiopia, next to the Middle East region and yemen, so people call it "arabica.Later, spread to the Indonesian island of Java, and from there to Latin America.African coffee grows in places such as Congo, Uganda, earlier for robusta coffee, and growth in Liberia, card for libby.In 1753, the Swedish botanist Carl van forest coffee can be divided into three species, arabica coffee (accounts for about 70% of the world's total coffee), robusta coffee (the former accounted for 25% of total world coffee), and there is now almost no one bothers to libby and coffee.

At present, Jaja Kate belongs to the arabica coffee plant, is also a good quality coffee beans, of course, this is related to soil and air temperature in this area.As a result, he is very proud, but asked himself whether or not to drink coffee, but he said, only occasionally to drink, not the daily necessities.

"Since all the year round to deal with the coffee beans, why don't you like to drink coffee?"I asked him.

"Although coffee beans from Africa, drink coffee can not the hobby of the inheritance of our ancestors, we do not have baking technology, at that time, at best, but is to dry themselves good coffee beans by hand dolly, add some water to drink, in fact, our favorite chew dried beans. Included in the national engagement and wedding ceremony, her family is to give the groom's family on dried beans, connect the two families with coffee fruit in heart, this is our real tradition."

I finally understand, why in the local, coffee is not as popular as the European and American countries.In addition to baking technology is difficult, of course, there is a very important reason, the locals to sell coffee beans to make a living, which make the good quality coffee beans, drink himself, moreover, the somebody else from chewing beans, can also appreciate the simple and not lose the pleasure of caffeine fragrance.

Finally had a chance to ethnic buganda engagement ceremony, ceremony of the final project, if the wife parents will dry good coffee beans into the hands of the groom and his relatives, after we watched together share the chewing the joy of coffee beans, which also indicates the marriage can HeHeMeiMei to continue.

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