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  • Which heating ways of your machine?

     By gas heating and electric heating, if less than 3 kg capacity model ,either gas or electric is OK.If more than 3 kg, only gas heating can be used.

  • Are you the manufacture factory or trading company ?

    We are factory specialized in producing all different models of coffee roasters for more than 15 years.

  • What is technical parameters of your coffee machine?

     It’s decided by the model of your order.
  • How to keep the coffee bacteria away?

     You don’t need to worry about this problem, because the whole process is closed ,there is none bacteria going inside.
  • How many people needed for operating your machine ?

     Our machine is full automatic, so one person is OK.


  • What is the raw material of your coffee machine ?

     The shell material is stainless steel.The body is elegant and looks bright .The roller is made of various metal materials so that the coffee is delicious and healthy.
  • How long does the roaster take to roast a one batch to 1st crack  and how long to second crack?? 

     Within 7 - 8 minutes, u will hear the 1st crack, wait another 2 - 3 minutes, u will hear the 2st crack; 


  • How fast does it cool the coffee in the process ?

    Within 2 -3 minutes ;
  • What is your key products?

     Our key product is coffee roaster with many different capacity models,also coffee grinder is produced.


  • What’s your delivery time?

     We will ship it out within 5---7 days while your order is in stock;

    We will ship it out within 10---15 days while your order is out of stock;

  • How to observe the changes of the temperature during the roasting?

     Our machines are equipped with the sampling devices so it is very convenient to observe the changes at any time.
  • How many years is warranty?

     One year. This service can be offered during this period (expect break it by human or on purposes).

  • Whether your machine is used for baking fruit and other products?

     Our machine is specialized in roasting coffee beans. If your products are suitable for the temperature and the size requirment ,it can be working well.

  • How to adjust the temperature of the hot air?

     You can adjust by yourself according to operating the handle of the airflow.

  • how to save fuel input?

     Our machine is equipped with gas pressure valve,you can adjust it according to your needs.

  • Is there any Digital temperature gauge or traditional temperature gauge existing on your machine?

     Our machine is equipped with the Digital temperature gauge in order to observe straightly the changes of the temperature and the time.

  • How much production in per hour?

     It is decided by the model of the machine.
  • How much percentage will be comparing with the raw materials after baking?

     The loss rate is about 15—20% which includes the moisture and the coffee beans husk.
  • How long can we get the machine?

    Within 15-20 working days after receiving the payment.Then we ship the machine to the port.After the shipment,you can take the documents to Customs Clearance.Then you get the machine.

  • How can we see the change of coffee bean when roasting?

    We have humanized design of sample handle spoon.You can observe the change of coffee bean and meet different taste of customers.

  • Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 

    Xiangyang City, Henan Province, China,
    U can arrive at zhengzhou station by air/railway,then we will meet u
  • Which kinds of heating mode of the machine?

    We suggest the heating mode of natural gas,but we also can produce the electric heating mode as customer requirement.
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