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  • 24Jun,2019

    How to Brew Coffee with Moka Pot?
    Grind about 20-22 g roasted coffee beans to coffee powder. The fineness is the same as Espresso coffee powder(thin powder)
  • 15May,2019

    The benefits of drinking coffee
    The benefits of drinking coffee1.To prevent gallstonesCoffee, is not only a refreshing drink, still can prevent gallstones.American researchers at Harvard Univ...
  • 02Apr,2019

    The habit of drinking coffee from different countries
    The habit of drinking coffee from different countries
  • 08Mar,2019

    After-sale service
    After-sale service and some our promise for you
  • 31Jan,2019

    Love coffee.Love life
    City life Every day when you busy with your work, walking through the skyscrapers, sitting in large or small office, if tired, if there is a cup of aromatic coffee that is really good.
  • 21Dec,2018

  • 25Aug,2018

    The history of coffee
    Evolutionary history of coffee is not as simply as the shepherd said, in a few words is not enough to confessed everything, involving complicated political, religious, economic, and written history during the period .Although history of coffee break news 1 5 0 0 years ago , content is incomplete, but coffee history is necessary to document, so I drive and the two thousand things of coffee drinks evolution is as follows
  • 02Jan,2018

    Happy new year
    Hot sale coffee roasting machine
  • 18Aug,2017

    HR-30A model coffee roaster was be shipped today
    HR-30A model coffee roaster has been ready,it will be shipped to United states today,it is a 30 kg per batch coffee roaster which can produce 120 kg green coffee bean one hour,the roaster is different between our HR-30A coffee roaster before,because it adopt one special heater ,it been named IR heater ,do you know that?Sure,we use ordinary heater usually before,the IR heater is required by our America customer,our customer is a humor and charming people,he have a experienced baker as partner,the 30 kg coffee roaster is buy for his partner......
  • 22Jul,2017

    New designed model coffee roaster we be issue soon
    The new designed coffee roaster is our engineer according to many customers advice to improve some old parts .......
  • 27Mar,2017

    One story of our customer
    One story of our customer
  • 09Dec,2016

    Coffee friend
    Hello friends,I am very glad that you found this article and to read it
  • 05Dec,2016

    The coffee beans baking method
    Under the professional coffee roasting method is usually divided into eight stages.
  • 26Oct,2016

    How to make cappuccino ?On the basis of the Italian espresso, add a thick layer of frothing milk, cappuccino has been finished.Espresso in the milk and the quality of the foam will see not too clear, but it is still decided to cappuccino flavors of important factor.
  • 24Oct,2016

    Coffee grounds to purify the polluted water
    A cup of coffee in the morning its rich aroma is very suitable for refreshment. But after drinking coffee after the rest of the coffee grounds in addition to the online teaching can eliminate the unusual smell and fertilizer, researchers now have also been used to purify the polluted water
  • 21Oct,2016

    Coffee Jelly --Dessert Made by Coffee in Special Way
    Coffee Jelly is another transformation of coffee.
  • 19Oct,2016

    Coffee roasting
    Raw coffee beans itself does not have any coffee spied, only after the stir-fry, can smell a full-bodied coffee spied.
  • 19Oct,2016

    Coffee roasting
    Raw coffee beans itself does not have any coffee spied, only after the stir-fry, can smell a full-bodied coffee spied. So the coffeebeans baking is coffee beans change process of internal components,produced only after baking the composition to be able to release the aroma of coffee, we can smell the coffee spied.
  • 15Oct,2016

    Coffee beans in Indonesian
    The Indonesian where produce coffee bean are mainly in Java, Sumatra, sulawesi three islands, All these are volcanic terrain.
  • 13Oct,2016

    The benefits of drinking coffee
    The benefits of drinking coffee
  • 11Oct,2016

    The Source and features of Moka Express
    Moka express, also known as direct-fire Italian coffee pot or Italian Moka express, is a traditional Italian coffee equipment. From the name up of Moka Express,most people thought it is in connection with Mocha.
  • 02Sep,2016

    coffee house as a social gathering place, people gather to drink coffee or tea, listening to music, reading, chess or backgammon leisure entertainment, the retail stores to coffee drinks
  • 30Aug,2016

    Coffee roaster
    Coffee roaster
  • 29Aug,2016

    Coffee industry professional noun explanation
    Coffee industry professional noun explanation
  • 26Aug,2016

    The Coffee Culture of France
    The most popular and full of romantic sentiment coffee shops are open-air cafes.
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