Drink coffee is used for losing weight ?

Coffee is one of the most popular with young people drink at present, a lot of people in the morning to the company, point a cup of coffee began a busy day; As coffee and the life of people more and more close, for its evaluation are also more up, even lose weight and coffee hung up the hook, a lot of women often drinking coffee in addition to refreshing is that it can reduce weight, especially in the morning hollow drink coffee effect reducing weight is better, so is this true?

Weight loss is nothing but from in principle can achieve energy metabolism through a number of ways of negative balance, even if consumption is greater than the intake of the body, can consume the body fat to achieve weight loss results. Coffee can reduce weight because of caffeine, caffeine can promote the metabolism of human body to prevent constipation (i.e., increase consumption), at the same time also can make people nervous excitement to suppress appetite (that is, to reduce energy intake), if people really reduced their food intake by taking coffee, so as to achieve negative balance of energy metabolism, so from the point of view of nutrition, Coffee Roaster Machine is indeed can reduce weight;

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