How to Brew Coffee with Moka Pot?

 How to Brew Coffee with Moka Pot?

1.Grind about 20-22 g roasted coffee beans to coffee powder. The fineness is the same as Espresso coffee powder(thin powder).

2.Pour water into the moka pot about with half capacity of the pot.

3.Place the matching metal filter correctly.

4.Put the coffee power in the filter softly.

5.Scrape the coffee power on the top smoothly with your finger. The best way is to:from top to bottom, then from right to left. In other words,from 12 oclock position to 6 oclock position,and then from 3 oclock position to 9 oclock position. Or you can knock the table several times. It is up to you.

6.Tighten the upper half of pot. And then we can heat it.

7.Put the moka pot in the middle of oven.

8.When the water boiled,the pressure in the pot will press the water to the top and extract coffee. Then the coffee will run out from the nozzle and get into the cup. It means the temperature of water is too high if the coffee burst out suddenly. And it indicates that the temperature of water is too low if the coffee flow out to slowly. You should turn up the power. The coffee is finished if you hear the fizz and bubbling in the pot. Please be careful when you pouring the coffee to the coffee cup. The moka pot is very hot because it is made of metal.

9.Finally, you can enjoy the coffee.

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