How to choose coffee beans ?

The choice of coffee, like an interesting play hide-and-seek. Each kind of caffeine varieties origin is different, each have a strong personality, but if you don't have the patience to taste, the following rules, may let you according to their mood map, find suitable for their own taste coffee varieties.
Taste: the ones who lust after taste stimulus, can try to deep fry heavy roasting of Indonesia or African coffee beans, such as, tannin, Java; Have a special liking to black coffee, not acid is not bitter coffee, good Balance of central and South America, such as Brazil, Jamaica blue mountain coffee, is the best choice. Sexual xi light, can choose mocha with acid, Colombia.
Gender: strong masculine mouthful, have like iron man's character; And blue mountain Coffee Roaster Machine , alcohol taste and fragrant, the most gentle woman miss addictive.
Personality: strong mouthful taste, often give a person love, hate and clear associations; Less strong Espresso, emphasizing the instant pleasure, complained of artists mania character, hybrid mix out of several kinds of coffee beans coffee, fuzzy character, but also the most tricky to curry favor with the taste, taste of coffee to start.

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