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The staff from our company is so excited, because one set of 3kg coffee roaster will be deliveried to Uganda . Although we have exported our products to many different countries , but this is our first order to enter ugandas market. Here please allow us to show our ultra appreciate for the buyer - samuel : thanks very much for your trust and support for our company, hope u can make more money for your business.


With much more confidence and joy, we will be testing this machine before shipping out . Firstly we pull it out from our warehouse, and our seller is so careful about every details that he is cleaning each part with the cloth. When everything is ready, the testing is beginning . Maybe many newer do not know how to operate our machine, now we will teach u how to operate it step by step .


The first step is preheating, which will take three to five minutes. Firstly we need to open the main switch. And then press the rotate button. When the roller is rotating, we can press the ignition button. Then we can put green coffee beans into the putting funnel until the temperature of roller reaches one hundred and fifty degree centigrade.


  The second step is roasting coffee beans. Firstly we should push the funnel gate switch. And the green coffee beans will get into the roller. About ten to fifteen minutes, we can turn off the ignition. During the roasting process, we can use the sampling spoon to watch the color of coffee beans and roasting effect. And the first crack will take seven to eight minutes. The second crack will take twelve to fifteen minutes. And the roasting time can be adjusted according to your own taste.


  The third step is cooling. Firstly we should press the cooling button. Then we should push up the baking chamber gate switch and all coffee beans will get into the cooling tray. It will take two to three minutes to cool coffee beans.

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