The benefits of drinking coffee

 The benefits of drinking coffee

1.To prevent gallstones

Coffee, is not only a refreshing drink, still can prevent gallstones.American researchers at Harvard University found that drinking two to three cups of coffee a day, the risk of gallstones in about 40% less than people who don't drink coffee.And to drink four cups of coffee a day, more will drop to 45% risk of gallstones.

2.Radiation protection

At present, the radiation produced by radiation has become the enemy harm people's health.Radiation especially in household appliances, such as computer, TV, microwave, envy and so on.Recent studies have found that coffee can protect mice against radiation damage, this finding may also apply to humans

3.Protect the cardiovascular

Coffee contains polyphenols content, not only have antioxidant effect, and protect the cardiovascular function, recently in the United States food chemistry in chemistry association meeting and workshop, there is a new scientific evidence to prove that: coffee contains powerful antioxidants that protect the heart blood vessel function.These polyphenols also known as flavonoids, it has strong antioxidant capacity.

4.Gout disease prevention

Elevated in the blood uric acid is a major cause of gout disease, and increase the daily coffee intake, can significantly reduce the level of uric acid in the blood.Who love to drink coffee, especially to drink two cups of coffee a day on average, the level of uric acid in the blood has been significantly reduced, thereby significantly reduces the incidence of gout disease probability.

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