Coffee and health

The use of cups and saucers: serving coffee cups and saucers are tailor-made, this kind of glass cup ears small, fingers can not wear the past.Cup but the use of ear cup is bigger, also do not put your fingers through the ear side glass cup.Coffee cup should be in front of their own or the right, the ear cup to point to the right.

Coffee cup's correct method, should be the thumb and forefinger cup ears will end up the cup.When drinking coffee, with his right hand holding a coffee cup ears, left hand lightly holds the saucer, slowly move to the mouth gently sip, not a sound.Don't grasp the full cup, gulping down, or bow to coffee.If encounter some inconvenient, for example, sitting on the sofa away from the table, inconvenience hands coffee drinking, available at the left hand put dish in the position of the chest, with your right hand side with a cup of drink coffee.Drinks, coffee cup will be immediately put in coffee dish, do not place respectively.Add coffee, don't pick up the coffee cup from the saucer.

The method of adding sugar: sugar to light.Add sugar to Coffee Roaster, there are two things: one is to add sugar, coffee spoon scoop are available, and directly joined in the cup, at the same time, to avoid coffee spills, add location should be as far as possible.Another kind is to add sugar, can use first sugar tongs clamp of sugar in the coffee the close side of the disc, then use the coffee spoon add sugar in a glass.If with sugar tongs or hand put the sugar into the cup, may make coffee spills, or tablecloth soiled clothes, is very polite.

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