Coffee and Life

 From when to begin to fall in love with coffee, I have forgotten, can remember coffee spent how many joys and sorrows with me, this casual love, will become a lifetime of memories.

In in a bad mood, rushed a cup of coffee, looking at the chimney steam, covering my face without expression, a brown liquid like spoon stirring thoughts, time is long, suddenly feel, mixing with coffee is not necessarily sad, should also have happiness;When the mood is good, washed up on a sunny afternoon with a cup of coffee, sit in the office, quietly, slowly taste the bitter coffee, truly feel that life can turn out to be so carefree as a flowing through.After working for a week on a quiet weekend night and chat and acquaintances on a cup of coffee taste is also a kind of the pleasure of life.
Want to drink coffee without reason, drink, milk, sugar, the fragrance of struggling, always let a person infatuation.Just, want to use time, with a mood to savor it, bit by bit, is a wonderful feeling., of course, if let my choice, I will choose a pure sheet is tasted bitter cup of coffee, if for no other, just like it because of the simple bitter, let a person drink a can be simple and clear know the taste of it, as they like the simple life.
Also has heard from people who say, coffee represents a kind of life.And I think that it is more representative of a kind of mood, taste it is to taste the process of the mood, is to savour carefree.No matter you are like the taste of pure bitter Coffee Roaster Machine, or with a partner and spicy taste, it will make you feel a warm like the sun warm and romantic.
I always believe that coffee as well as in life, bitter, sweet, is a rebirth...



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