Coffee and mood

 Many years ago, I always like to drink tea, like to drink, is like a handful of tea in the boiling water into clusters of buds all the feeling of floating in the cup, and that if if no fragrance is calm and meaningful.

As the growth of the age, I don't know when to start to like coffee, but I'm not a very coffee will admire!May be that also bitter sweet, also sweet coffee maturity acerbity also attracted me.Especially the friend to home, I most want to do is to make the bean grinding machine rotation, cooked a pot of coffee, sit on the balcony cane chair, while listening to float in the sky of music gently, side through the wide French window to enjoy the scenery outside, one side with a friend speaking out of turn ManYu, taste with the body is in the heart is far from the hustle and bustle of downtown of peace, the aroma of coffee and the warmth of friendship so ying ying to fill the heart.If catch a rainy day, it is a good state of mind.Light rain outside the window, the window of the coffee hot alluringly rise, listening to the rain down the rhythm of the lattice with some old friends chat, let the warmth of the unfolding slowly with the aroma of coffee throughout the body and mind, make more happier than now.But the good times always met a long time, but also can meet but not make thing.

My mood this kind of coffee do not know what is, but I think is probably the nostalgia of youth, passion and desire.Coffee and I actually more important represents a way of communication with my friends.Often at night cool calm night, carrying a cup of warm coffee, wear clothes sitting in front of a computer, with distant friends sports talk endlessly.The husband thought I was passionate about the flavor of the coffee, also took me to several cafes, but I always said to his cafe lack let a person quiet color, and emotional appeal is not for the husband and wife.Actually, where he knew that I like is not the flavor of the coffee itself, just like the emotional appeal when drinking coffee, that kind of quiet and tastefully laid out, that kind of place, that kind of comfortable, that kind of quiet.Always willing to work with his girlfriend to patronize cafe, choose a relatively quiet corner, let a cup of warm coffee lingering fragrance lingering, relatively quietly in the grew up together with aging time, slowly let my thoughts on it, to live annoys.This afternoon for me is the happiness of a long and quiet, let me infinite love tired life is delicate and elegant.Have a person to cafe, the window and sat quietly, watching people outside the window, gently a drink coffee, as a cyclotron coffee acerbity sweet mouth, chests are all happy, painful, there gradually floating away.And lament, light sad, light alone, light faint scent, plus a fragmented memories, perhaps, this is also a kind of light happiness?

My mood is coffee no sugar.I think they did not add the sugar in the coffee Bean Roaster is full-bodied, although new entrance is bitter, but after enjoying them, have a kind of no sweet without sweat.Too much time without sugar in the coffee just like our ordinary life, is alcohol and quiet after the bitter sweet.So coffee is also a kind of mood to me the mood of life, in or bitter or sweet or helpless days up floating...Which is like the float glass and the clusters of tea shoots.

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