Coffee beans in Indonesian

 Coffee beans in Indonesian


    The Indonesian where produce coffee bean are mainly in Java, Sumatra, sulawesi three islands, All these are volcanic terrain.The Indonesian coffee beans were considered fragrance thick and the low acidity, a little like the taste of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and soil.Sumatra Sumatra) mountains produce Mandheling is well known in the world, rich in texture.Java produce of Robusta beans)has a unique smell, because of the oil rich and is often used to as one of the Italian espresso formula

    Sura weixi produce coffee was named to have special herbal flavor, deep and clean.Mountain in particular, Indonesia has a special kind of animal called civet (in Taiwan also have been seen, it is listed as one of the representative of yangming mountain animals).Because it makes Indonesia produces an almost is the highest price in the world - the civet coffee.The cat likes to eat coffee berries, and the hard beans because they can not digest will be discharged.During passes through the digestive tract, coffee beans, after fermentation to produce a unique and complex aroma, make many lovers like this with special aroma of coffee.But because few production, so the price is a very proud, in the hundreds of dollars per pound.

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