Coffee industry professional noun explanation

 Coffee industry professional noun explanation

1.After burner

Thermo-energetic burner is an equipment which can burn the smoke produced by coffee again. It is can achieve smoke abatement effect. At the same time it can reduce the smell.

2.Mesh Basket

Stainless steel basket of dust collector is used to carry on the coffee bean husk. It can carry on much more husk than the standard.


It is a kind of device which can convert electric power into variable voltage and variable frequency. It has features of controllability and stability and energy saving etc.

4.Ignition Transformer

Ignition device is used for burner igniting.


It is a device which can pick up the rocks and debris mixed in coffee beans and removed them.

6.Full Maintenance

Disassembly and clean. Maintain machine according to budget. 


Stir and mix.

8.Cutting type Sharpener

Grinding used for grinding coffee beans with the way of cutting up. It is suitable for espresso and fine grind.


To detect the quality of the coffee beans, pouring hot water into the coffee ground directly. And then observe its change to identify coffee.

10.lubricating oil

Industrial use grease. Nowadays it usually takes the food standard as criterion.


The device for motor overload protection.

12.Dust Collector

Dust collecting device is used for collecting coffee bean husk discharged by machine.

13.Inner Pot

The roller used for backing coffee beans.

14.Separate Exhaust

Standard baking machine separate exhaust and cooling motor for roasting. It can raise the exhaust efficiency and enhance the continuing working performance.

15.Exhaust Baffle

It is used to control the heat flux in the machine


The lowest temperature after putting green coffee beans.

According to the difference of the input temperature and the midpoint temperature will also change,thus controlling roasting process.


Inner pot wall is processed by punching. So the burner flame will contact directly to the beans.So it is called direct fire.

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