Coffee Jelly --Dessert Made by Coffee in Special Way

 Coffee Jelly --Dessert Made by Coffee in Special Way

Coffee Jelly is another transformation of coffee.


Brewed coffeealso can be replaced by instant coffee,but it is better to choose coffee without coffee mate.

(1)Gelatine 4.5 g;

(2)Sugar with suitable amount;

(3)Condensed Milk with suitable amount.


1. Add gelatine in water to soak until it turns soft.

2. Brew the coffee.

3.Fish the gelatine out of a container, add the suitable amount of sugar. (Sugar also can be added into the coffee.)

4. Add brewed coffee and stirring until the gelatin melts. (Must be hot coffee, cold coffee can't melt the gelatine)

5.Pour the coffee liquid into the container and put it into a refrigerate for cold storage about three hours or more.

6. Pour condensed milk into coffee jelly . Then you can eat it right away.(Those who like the bitter coffee can choose not to add condensed milk.)

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