Four famous coffee cherry

Coffee Cherry can be divided into wet-processed  and dry-processed , flat beans and peaberry. Coffee cherry has dark and light color. The coffee cherry will expense to double volume after dark roasting. The weight of coffee cherry will reduce nearly a quarter. In the roasting process, coffee beans will gradually produce volatile flavor oil to achieve the perfect balance in a variety of flavors. Even if coffee cherry grew in the same country, it also has different relish and quality. Because the regional climate, altitude, soil, and subtle will influence of the flavor and have their own characteristics.

Gloria Jean's Coffees

This kind of coffee beans originated in the United States. It is the first coffee brand of Australia. They have all kinds of handmade cold and hot coffee drinks, traditional espresso, mellow sweet pastries, coffee beans and tea. 

The Gloria coffee beans of are from all over the world ,through manual picking out the highest quality coffee beans. These selected coffee beans from all over the world will be shipped to Sydney, Australia. Then coffee beans will be roasted by the company's advanced technology and equipment . Finally it bakes 60 kinds of suitable for different tastes and it can meet the needs of tastes in the different periods of every day. All of roasted coffee beans are packaged in a given time to make sure it's fresh quality.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee is a mass of high-profile Coffee, native to Central America in the Blue mountains of Jamaica, which only grown in 1800 meters above the Blue Mountain region. Only this kind of coffee can be authorized to the use of "Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee)". It accounting for 15% of the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee production. The kind of coffee cherry which grown at an altitude of 457 meters to 1524 meters between the coffee was known as the high mountain coffee. The kind of growing at an altitude of 274 meters to 457 meters is called Jamaican coffee. Blue mountain coffee has a sweet, bitter, slightly sweet, soft, smooth features, and with a little sour. It will take more sensitive senses to taste the unique flavor. It is nonsuch coffee in the world.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak  is a recent invention, originated in Indonesia. Coffee beans are one of the food range for civet cats. But the coffee beans cannot be digested by the digestive system. Coffee beans within the civet will be fermented by the gastrointestinal system .And it will be defecated. The locals will pick out coffee beans from civet faeces. And  the coffee beans will be processed. So this kind of coffee beans is known as Kopi Luwak. The flavor is unique, taste is different. but people who are used to the taste will never to forget in their life. But because of the wild environment is degradative, the number of civet is reducing. So the production of Kopi Luwak is also quite limited. People who can taste this kind of coffee is pretty lucky.


Cubita are all originated in Cuba crystal mountain. It also has the very high prestige in the coffee industry . Cubita ranks in the top all over the world. Crystal mountain is adjacent with Jamaica blue mountains in the geographical location. And they have similar climatic conditions and can comparable with Jamaica blue mountain coffee. Cubita adhere to the principle of perfect coffee and just do single-origin coffee. The picking of coffee beans of is done by hand. And coffee beans will be processed by  water treatment to ensure the quality of the coffee beans. Cubita is like an elegant princess, with noble, tender, elegant features. It has excellent balance between bitter and sour taste. When you tasting, you will feel smooth, fresh and elegant flavor. It is the Cuban embassy designated coffee and known as the unique flavor of Caribbean coffee.

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