How to boil the coffee ?

 Choose coffee boiling method

Some people love with convenient and quick American coffee pot of coffee, people prefer to enjoy plug wind romantic YouYa pot (siphon) coffee, some simple pure alone bell French pressure, mocha pot Italian amorous feelings, or hand blunt follicular coffee flavor.Anyway, the cooking method is suitable for other people may not the most suitable for you, choose the most suitable and favorite coffee boiling method, this is the first condition of DIY coffee fun.


Good coffee with water
In a cup of coffee, more than 98% of the ingredients is water.There can be no doubt about the importance of water!If you use bad boiled coffee, namely the best coffee beans are used in vain, because of poor water can destroy the best coffee.Even simple filter kettle can for tap water filter out a lot of bad material, makes out of coffee aroma, strong and alcohol.Coffee and tea, need to avoid the use of distilled water, if you place a poor water quality, using clean mountain spring is also a ideal method.


Plenty of coffee beans
Coffee beans use quantity must be enough, use little Coffee Roaster Machine powder can lead to bland, but also need not put too much at a time.Coffee is the standard dosage: with two flat key (about 15 g) coffee beans (powder) boil a cup of coffee with (about 180 cc).


The water is very important
In general the most suitable for blunt coffee water temperature between 88 ~ 94 degrees Celsius, avoid using just boiling hot boiling water to make coffee.Water to the boil then let stand for 1 ~ 2 minutes and then used to make coffee.


Keep the coffee pot clean
Don't take tea concept of a pot of coffee pot, and after each use, need to be cleaned immediately, in the open air to keep clean and dry.

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