it is easy to have some problems when we are roasting the coffee beans

 1.smoky flavour

Once you find a wave to wave to the smoke,there is a problem in must be your exhaust system,silver skin is easily burning combustible,both in the dust collecting barrel or are all the same in the roasting roller,and coffee beans adsorption into smoke,so should be in osilver skin expansion fall off when the wind door open to removepart of the skin, and ensure that the size of the air door before entering into a critical enough to flush out smoke.if it has these problem again,Please check your smoke exhaust fan or the amount of beans is conform to the requirements of the baking machine factory,Overload baking is not recommended

2.raw flavour

There are newbies and experienced baker might apper bean flavour,first we must understanding the coffee beans roasting machine baking principle,Greencoffee beans, is actually contains part of the water, and that some moisture is precisely to solve to have a taste of the main factors,Generally speaking,Lack of dehydration of coffee beans are the most easily appears raw taste,If there is no way to clean the water off at the appropriate time, so the water branch in coffee beans in into a detonation cannot fully caramelization sugar Browning reaction, sothere will be the taste of raw flavour;And dehydration can cause too much raw coffee beans, it's because coffee beans mainly throughthis part of the water to transfer heat to the core,So there will be the taste of raw flavour;So generally the 0-160 ℃ this period known as the "breaking point", only this section of the curve to solve, to solve the problem of baking raw.


Spent a lot of astringency originate from baking shallow, but also has a lot of baking is very shallow without baking master astringency.Astringency is divided into a lot of kinds, one kind is owing maturity high enough coffee beans, or bean itself will slant acerbity beans, usually in baking the easy hair acerbity beans are best shoulds not be too short baking time, or the roast deepen can solve part of the astringency


Generally appear in the deep coffee beans baking, or baking time is too long also can appear JiaoGuWei, common processing ways mainly adjust the roast, adjust the slide baking time, try not to segment after baking fire, early next bean taste test


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