Latte Art

Latte art is a creation method to dump milk foam into the espresso and then you will get coffee latte with a designed pattern on the surface of coffee. Simple latte art pattern also can be drawn up directly on the milk foam surface. Latte art is especially hard to make. Because it has certain requirements about espresso cups and milk. And stand or fall of latte art is also decided by the experience of baristas and the quality of espresso making machine. Finally, dumping out the beautiful latte art is definitely a challenges for a barista.

Ingredients of Latte Art

In fact,latte art is a mixture of two kinds of viscous liquid, i.e., the espresso and milk foam.Espresso is viscous liquid coffee with coffee fat (foam floating on the surface of espresso). Milk foam making machine can turn milk into milk foam.It needs liquid whole milk and thick liquid coffee.Both coffee and milk are not stable state. Coffee fat is the separation of the espresso coffee. While the milk foam is made from the liquid milk. Coffee fat and milk foam will disappear within a few minutes. So the retained time of latte art is very short.

Technique of Latte Art

Firstly we need to make espresso with coffee fat and milk foam. Then synthesize the two components into latte art. Before adding milk, espresso must have enough coffee grease on the surface.When white milk dumping into the red brown coffee, bright color contrast will present a creative pattern. After pouring the milk, milk foam will be separated from the liquid. Then it will rise to the surface. If the amount of milk and espresso is "just right", you can moving left and right. Milk foam will rise and form a pattern on the surface. Sometimes, we can use latte art making needle or small stick to draw the pattern and don't have to be formed in the process of casting.

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