My working

 Opened my eyes, greeted the morning the first sunshine, warm breath lingering around me

Wash face and brush teeth, to start my new day's work

Enter the office, open the computer, mobile phone on the side,i

will be  into the working state

You must be guess the nature of my work

may be you are  wrong

I'm a foreign trade salesman, this is I to work in the company of the 128th day, I like my job.

It's full of challenge, can communicate and buyers from different countries, business negotiations, let I learned a lot and one more thing is I like coffee roasting machine structure, production and finished product after a perfect curve

Yes, I am a professional sales coffee roasters foreign trade salesman

Everyone tastes the coffee has many unique insights, the key is mechanical - coffee roasting coffee beans baking machine

Coffee roasting machine just as its name implies is a professional baking raw coffee beans of a mechanical product, different bakers to roast coffee have very high demand, therefore, on the production of coffee roasting machine requirement is very strict.

My company production of coffee roasting machine has more than 10 years, the research and development, production, sales, has its own professional team. Company general manager to set up researchand development funds, large sum of money for coffee roasting machine research and development. On the production side, we imported advanced precision instruments, achieve perfect products, and we have professional production personnel according to the different requirements of customers for production, to meet different customer requirements on the use of coffee roasting machine

Our products are exported to the Philippines, England, Mexico, the United States, Taiwan, Germany and other countries, and has established good relations of cooperation.

And we have experienced sales team, I am very honored to be one of them.

Our team is like a big family, help each other, make progress together, every day happy experience of communication, in such a warmatmosphere, Friends happy communication, happy work, contributing to the development of the company of our own.

I always adhere to the unique concept: customers are friends, sincerity to customer, we will become better friends

I like this profession, I prefer coffee roasting machine production from went to perfect products, to the customer, enjoy the roasted coffee beans that a joy

Happy here, where are you?


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