The history of coffee

 The history of coffee


Evolutionary history of coffee is not as simply as the shepherd said, in a few words is not enough to confessed everything, involving complicated  political, religious, economic, and written history during the period .Although history of coffee break news 1 5 0 0 years ago , content is incomplete, but coffee history is necessary to document, so I drive and  the two thousand things of coffee drinks evolution is as follows:
1. 9 to 11 century Persian physician to coffee as a medicine
2. 1405 - 1433, Zhenghe voyage to western sea accelerate the secularization of coffee
3. 1400-1470, godfather xia DE create coffee drinks
4. In 1511 In mecca banned coffee, coffee into the era in the history .
5. In 1671, professor dragon who is Roman make boy said
6. Is the 17th century Europe cafe appear.
In the eighteenth century, European transplant coffee trees to Indonesia and central and South America, break the monopoly of Yemen to the coffee market.
From eighteenth century to todaycoffee industry development to flourish  various types of coffee emerge in endlessly, coffee brand is also full of eyes, making people love coffee drinks further

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