The practice of coffee

 The practice of coffee

Many varieties of coffee has a variety of coffee shop supply add seasoning, such as chocolate, wine, mint, clove, lemon juice, butter, etc., of all ethnic groups of people drink coffee taste is different also. Here are some common types of coffee:


   This is Austria's most famous coffee, is a man named love for • ShuBoNa coachman invention, perhaps because of this, today, people sometimes called Vienna coffee "single head carriage".

   With thick cream and chocolate sweet flavor when it comes to people around the world. The white cream on, on the eclectic discus meters, look very beautiful. Across the sweet chocolate syrup, cold cream sipping hot hot coffee, more distinctive flavour!

   Vienna coffee is lazy weekend or leisurely afternoon the best partner, Vienna, drink a cup of coffee is for you to create a great chance to relax.

   However, due to have too much sugar and fat, Vienna coffee is not for dieters.

Gappuccino/Cappuccino Coffee


  In the early 20th century, Italian archie cloth summer invention of the steam pressure coffee machine at the same time, also developed a cappuccino. Cappuccino is an Italian in the same amount of espresso and steam milk foam mixture of Italian coffee, at this time the color of the coffee, like cappuccino monks of the church in dark brown coat overlying a turban, coffee, hence the name.

  Traditional cappuccino coffee is a third of espresso, a third steam milk and a third bubble milk. The espresso full-bodied taste, with creamy foam lubrication, bail has some fine young Lou means; Sprinkle cinnamon frothing milk, mix with bottom-up Italian coffee aroma, a new generation of coffee for heart.



   On the basis of the Italian espresso, with a thick layer of frothing milk, became a cappuccino. Espresso in the milk and the quality of the foam will see not too out, but it is still decided to cappuccino flavors of important factor

   After partial skimmed milk into a jug, and then let the milk frothing with frothing machine, air flushing, and let the milk without burning can even like whipped cream.

     Coffee cup of cappuccino should be warm or pour milk foam will scatter. At ordinary times can be the cup on the coffee machine at the top of the insulation.

   Pour the milk and foam on the espresso, naturally formed a layer, like wrapped the coffee here. Pay attention to a brewing good Italian coffee about five points with, played to 8 minutes to full milk bubble of hot milk.

   Finally with the individual be fond of, sprinkle with a little cinnamon powder, and cut into thin ding or chocolate powder, the rest of the milk also can pour together, in this way, a cup of cappuccino delicious card is made

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