The Source and features of Moka Express

                            The Source and features of Moka Express

Source of the Moka Express

       Moka express, also known as direct-fire Italian coffee pot or Italian Moka express, is a traditional Italian coffee equipment. From the name up of Moka Express,most people thought it is in connection with Mocha. It originated from 1933 and invented by Alfonso Bialetti. He is an Italian. Because this kind of coffee equipment invented by Bialetti was named  Moka Ecpress. And Moka and Mocha have the same meaning. People are apt to confuse the two issues. And it also let many people mistakenly believe that using this kind of coffee pot on can make Moka Coffee. Or they think that Moka Express is typically used for make Mocha coffee. As time passes,Mocha Express naturally becomes family-style "Espresso" symbol product. Almost every Italian family has one because of its easy operation. Because Mocha Express in Italy is too popular, even in European area, Moka Express is almost family essential coffee equipment. So it is best, one of the most widely gifts for family and friends in Italy. So many manufacturers are willing to produce beautiful styling Moka Express. Its distinctive design and classical appearance is perfect match of both practical and decorative. It not only has the collection value but also has memorable significance.


Features of Moka Express

     Elegant,unique and multiple appearance,simple operation and quick brew, small in size and reasonable price are the main features of Moka Express. No matter what kind of appearance design it is, the construction of Moka Express structure is much of a muchness. It can be basically divided into three parts,such as kettle in the top,kettle in the bottom and strainer. Italian Moka Express takes advantage of vapor pressure produced by bottom kettle. The vapor pressure is about 1.5-3.0 times of barometric pressure. When the vapor pressure is high enough to penetrate coffee powder, and it will press the hot water to the top kettle.When the hot water flow on the way to the top kettle it will go through the fine grinding in the funnel.It will extract coffee essence quickly. Then it shows that espresso is ready. Extracted coffee essence has strong taste. And it is has both sour and bitter taste. It is the nearest coffee equipment to make espresso.

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