Some advise for choosing coffee beans

 If you like don't want to spend too much money, learn to choose coffee beans are the first and most important step. Want to cook a good cup of coffee, in addition to technology itself, the most important thing is how to choose the superior coffee beans and how to better preserve them.

Here, I want to bring a few small Suggestions, at the time of buying coffee, it is best to buy coffee beans roaster rather than good coffee powder grinding, although they are the same in essence, but the reality is, has good grinding coffee powder is very easy to oxidation, it is not easy to be saved, even if those looks can be stored for a long time of coffee powder, is essentially added a lot of preservatives, which greatly influence subsequent boiled out of the taste of coffee, so, if want to make a cup of good coffee, it is the best and the most correct before brewed coffee, on the spot to grinding coffee, so you can keep the coffee in the largest extent, flavour and taste of coffee beans are commonly can be stored for about a month or so, but if is the coffee powder, there should be no more than five days.

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