The habit of drinking coffee from different countries

 One-third of all people in the world, drinking coffee, but seems to have not to drink coffee in the same way the two countries.

The Arab
People in Arab countries like drinks the small cup of sweet coffee.
The French
At the breakfast, French like a bowl with coffee and modulate scent chicory root.Compared with the italians, French people generally prefer some coffee.This coffee is commonly by the moderate baking and coarse grinding coffee beans made by immersion method production.
In the Netherlands,
The Dutch people like coffee, coffee and sugar on the pot, along with a can of cream and a cup of water.
Italian coffee characteristics performance in English on it, is a quick word of not more than 10 seconds, drink quickly, because there are only two or three mouth.Get up the first thing to do is to boil a cup of Italian coffee, both male and female, almost from early to late.Italian coffee is a kind of in a small cup of espresso.
Russia is a tea-drinking country.But when they drink coffee, can choose black coffee with sugar and add a slice of lemon, the coffee taste strong and steady.
South India
South Indian people intent on coffee with milk and sugar, because the coffee helps relieve after eat spicy food taste stimuli.
Sudanese habit to black coffee in the coffee roaster machine and add clove and other spices.
Due to the Turkish coffee is coffee powder boiled out, so can contain many coffee in the coffee powder, so at the time of taste, precipitation, ground coffee and soft taste.Turks will resort to stick in the coffee cup of coffee grounds to divine the future.Turkish coffee is made by the finest coffee beans, sugar and water into a vessel in which called "Ibrik" boiled together, the taste of the coffee very strong.
The United States
Americans like to slightly with a small amount of cream roasting coffee.

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