The original place of coffee beans

Coffee was first used by people in Africa, Ethiopia and somalia today, later spread to Europe in the Arabic region.
The world's first coffee tree is found in the horn of Africa.The local indigenous tribes often the fruit of the ground coffee, then put it with animal fat mixing kneading, made many spherical balls.These indigenous tribes these coffee balls as a precious food, for the people of her to enjoy.
"Coffee" (Coffee) a words derive from Ethiopia's a small town named card method (Kaffa), in Greek "Kaweh" means "strength and passion".The ancient Arab first dry beans, after boiling the juice as a stomach medicine to drink, that helps digestion.Later found coffee and refreshing effect, at the same time because of Islam strictly prohibit to drink christians, and then use coffee instead of alcoholic beverages, as a refreshing drink and drink.After the 15th century, the pilgrimage to mecca's muslims will bring coffee back in succession, make coffee gradually spread to countries such as Egypt, Syria, Iran and Turkey.Coffee Roaster into the continental when attributed to Turkey of the Ottoman empire at the time,

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